Tips for Buying a Homestead Farm in Central Oregon

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In recent years homesteading, market gardening and small acreage farm or ranching has grown in popularity with many people deciding to purchase either land or established properties to begin their homestead.  When you are looking for a property to buy in Central Oregon you should take into consideration the following:

Scale. How large a property do you need to accomplish your homestead plan? 

Water: Central Oregon is a high desert with some areas offering irrigation rights and some only dryland farming.  Yes there are rivers and lakes but most home owners will not be allowed to use these water sources for personal use.  You can swim in the river or lake but you can't water your livestock, crops or use it for drinking.  That being said, what are your options? When considering the property you wish to purchase it is a good idea to research water availability.  Does the property have city or community water? A well? or irrigation rights?  When buying unimproved land it is especially important to know what your water options are as costs vary widely.  If you plan on building a home on the property and there is no well or potable water source you should find out what the well depths are in the area as this will help you determine what your out of pocket costs are to install a water well on the land.  An important thing to remember is irrigation water is not drinking water and you will not be allowed to use this water source for your home.  

Land Costs

Livestock Restrictions



Building Restrictions